Track and control

Know where your staff and fleet are through the power of SMS1

Geo fencing
Set virtual fences and be notified when your fleet leaves the area
Cost effective
Pricing starts from as low as RM58/month2
Silent tracker
Receive location updates without alarming the user
All-time tracking
Stay connected at all times, even in tunnels & covered parking lots with SMS.
Works on any device, including feature phones.
Historical trace
Keep tracking history of up to 6 months
  • 1,000 FREE SMS for QuickTrack will be given on a monthly basis.
  • QuickTrack VAS comes with a 12-month contract.


Monthly Fee
Available on the following plans:
  • Hero Postpaid(U28, P38, P48, P70 and P98)
  • Member Line (Share 20 and 50)
  • Ultimate Device Plans(UD60, UD90 and UD130)
  • iPlans (i40, i60, i90 and i130)
  • Enterprise Plans (E28, E58, E88 and U Plus)
  • U Platinum and U Premium
  • E-PAYU
Contract period:
12 months
  • QuickTrackVAS bundle has to come with a base rate plan:
    E.g: E28 + Quicktrack (RM28 + RM30 = RM58/month)
  • Bundled (1,000) SMS will only be deducted for tracking purposes.
  • Access Fee will be prorated according to registration date.
  • Applicable to member plans. (M10 & Share50). However, QuickTrack bundle is not shareable. Members will need separate purchases.
  • Unused SMS will be forfeited when bill cycle renews.
  • Additional usage after the 1,000 bundled SMS will be charged according to rate plan pay-as-you-use rates.
  • For early termination, a fee of RM30 x (no. of months remaining) will be charged.

Register your interest with your account manager

You will receive a new QuickTrack enabled SIM

Insert the SIM into the device and start tracking

SIM transmists location details via SMS

Server receives SMS and decodes location info

Exact location info is delivered to tracker