Buy game credits with U Mobile

Price (RM) Steam Wallet Codes (RM)
7 5
13 10
26 20
65 50
125 100

How to purchase Steam Codes

  1. Click on Buy Now: Select the amount, then key in your U Mobile number and click Next

  2. Complete your purchase by sending an SMS with the TAC given to 28123.

  3. You will receive a message confirming your purchase.

  4. Your Steam codes will be sent to your smartphone via SMS.

Price (RM) MOLPoints
3 195
5 325
10 650
20 1300
30 1950
50 3250

How to reload your MOLPoints via app

  1. Go to your MOL Account at OR download MOLPoints App.

  2. Login to your MOL account.

  3. Under the Reload tab, selet Mobile Payment.

  4. Select U Mobile and select the reload amount.

  5. Type the CAPTCHA and select Continue.

  6. Key in your mobile number and select Proceed.

  7. Enter the pin code sent to you via SMS and click Verify Pin Code and Purchase.

  8. Select Close.

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Coming soon!