Policies, Terms & Conditions

International Roaming Charges
  1. General
    1. International Roaming service (“IR”) may be available for your Prepaid and Postpaid plan and is supplied according to the relevant Terms of Service. You must comply with those Terms of Service including our Fair Usage Policy, Privacy Policy, the terms applicable to the relevant Prepaid or Postpaid or subscription plan and these additional terms and conditions (collectively, the Terms), all which are available on http://www.u.com.my/tnc/1194.
    2. You may apply for IR by following the steps listed at http://www.u.com.my/plans/roaming-idd. You may be required to provide a deposit to activate IR.
    3. We reserve the rights to determine whether IR will be offered to you.
    4. We reserve the rights to modify or otherwise change these Terms including the charges without notice to you. This overrides any requirement where we may have to give you notice in other parts of our agreement with you.
  2. Charges
    1. The IR call charges displayed on this page (“Charges”) are:
      1. applicable for all Postpaid and Prepaid plans:
      2. inclusive of all applicable taxes and surcharge; and
      3. applicable for calls to standard numbers only (i.e. for voice/video calls and SMS services).
    2. The Charges are not applicable to calls to special and premium numbers which will be subject to different rates as determined by the foreign network operators that you connect with, while on roaming. Examples of special and premium numbers are:
      1. satellite numbers;
      2. maritime and aeroplane numbers; and
      3. premium rates services.
    3. Your calls are charged in 60-seconds blocks.
    4. The Charges are not applicable to MMS service. If you use MMS while on roaming the following charges which will be provided on our website will apply:
      1. for Postpaid subscribers, you will be charged with data roaming charges only; and
      2. for Prepaid subscribers, you will be charged with data roaming charges and domestic MMS charges for every MMS sent.
    5. Postpaid charging
      1. The Charges are provided by the foreign network operator you connect to while on roaming. The Charges may not be reflected in your next bill and may appear in your subsequent bill-cycles. As the Charges are not reflected on a real-time basis, your Credit Limit may not automatically apply when you use IR. You must still pay the Charges incurred, even if you exceed your Credit Limit while using IR.
    6. Prepaid charging
      1. The Charges applicable will be deducted on a real-time basis from your Prepaid account.
      2. If you have bundled minutes, data quota or any freebies from your domestic plan, you will not be entitled to utilise them while on roaming.
  3. Service availability
    1. The mobile internet roaming service is subject to the preferred roaming operator’s network availability.
    2. Some of our services may not be available on all foreign networks. For example, U Data Roam service is available only if you connect with our preferred partner networks. You are advised to refer to each service’s page on our website for information on service availability while roaming.
    3. We make no warranty or representation that your Device will be able to utilise the IR.

Version: 15.11.2017